The Scketchy Vehicle

My pop is a bit of a looney. His name is William but some people call him Wacky Willy. He drives this sketchy vehicle that slowly moves along the road and looks like a slug behind all the other vehicle . He picks me up every Thursday afternoon after school and always plays really loud music that hurts everyones ears. The bottom of his car is filled with bright pink furry carpet that tickles your feet when you step on it. One day I climbed  in the back of his car after school and some school kids started yelling “ Wacky Willy!! Wacky Willy!!” I never set foot in that van again and now I just walk home on a Thursday instead.


The End

frozen in time :(


“Run!!” yelled Jack, snake girl chased after Jack and Sarah. They quickly ducked into a bush near the park and waited for snake girl to leave. Jack saw his reflection in a puddle, he had dark brown eyes and light blonde hair just like is dad did. Jack got sad when he thought of his dad because snake girl froze him in time and now he sits in the middle of the park. “ I guess its time for you to join your family!” snake girl popped out of nowhere, don’t look into her eyes said everyone. But it was too late jack already did, he was gone, frozen in time and no one would ever be able to  talk to him again. Since that day, Jack’s statue stands high next to his fathers and they watch over the park, ( day and night, night and day).


The End


The French Lady

“ bonjour” said Amy, as she left her house to get on the airplane. Amy  is going to visit her Aussie cousins in Australia. She boarded the fresh smelling airplane and sat down on the seat. How long until we are there she complained to the air attendant very impatiently. They finally reached Australia and Amy set one foot down onto the hot cement and felt the hot, humid air against her skin. “ AHHH” this might ruin my fake spray tan!!” she cried, and rushed out to the airport. Which way to the shops? She panted. Amy reached the shops and got inside the nice air-coned room and just sat down and waited for her make up and spray tan to cool. “ I am never coming to Australia again!” she yelled, and she never set foot in the land down under ever again.

The Flying Pig

Boom!!! Crack!! Lighting flashed before Bobs eyes. Bob was sitting in his house as the cloudy, rain filled sky started to thunder. Suddenly out of nowhere the sun started to rise and sunshine filled the sky. ‘ Oh My Gosh!!!” Bob yelled, I can finally go  outside. Bobs mom and dad owned a farm and he liked to visited every day. On that farm they had pigs and as he was sitting there he started to sketch pig with wings. “ oh I wish they could fly, oh I wish they could fly” Bob whispered to himself every time he visited.  Then out of nowhere a pig called Karen started to lifted of the ground and floated around in the air. I didn’t realise he could fly bob thought to himself as he started to feel really stupid. “I guess I wont underestimate a animal again” Bob said, and he never did.

The End


The Mysterious Tower

A crusty, old looking tower sat at the top of a hill. It had old broken down bricks with mould all over them. But this tower had quite a story….


My great grandad told me a story about a tower that saved many peoples lives. “ Get to the ground!!” my grandad yelled ( he was really in the moment). They ran as fast as they could until they found a  tower that looked very sturdy he said. The enemies were right on there tails as they sprinted near them. “ We have to jump!” my grandad screeched. The people had no choice other than jumping so they did. That tower saved the lives of hundreds of people and will never be forgotten. “ The End” my grandad finally said

The Lightbulb

“ I did it!!” I yelled, after years of hard work and determination I finally did. I decided to call my invention the lightbulb and it shone in the room lighting up the whole house. A big grin spread across my face as I looked in the mirror. I saw my dark brown hair and my tan skin as my invention brightened the room. “ Mum come look at this!!” I yelled again, she ran in and just stood there in awe. “OMG!! you really did do it” she said. Then suddenly a flash of light flickered, then, darkness.

The Boat Trip

The shimmering blue water shone in the sunlight. I couldn’t wait to soar my oar through it . I started to paddle out when I suddenly noticed a wrinkled old lady and her friend having trouble getting their boat out of the water and onto the truck that they had. I quickly jumped out to help them and she said that she wistfully wanted to be able to do that. I started to get out further and then in the middle of no where this gigantic red mushroom shone in they sunlight and ruled the mini island it was standing.

The Shadow

The Shadow

It was 3.00am, my eyes were wide open, the wind was howling and my heart was racing as fast as a meteor. I opened the door and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. My buddy JJ  walked in first and I followed after him acting super careful. We walked upstairs and this really freaky clown head was hanging from the wall, I was so scared I almost peed myself. On the other side of the wall the lights were flickering like crazy and I ran out screaming and yelling HELP!!! IM GONNA DIE!!! ( turns out I didn’t.) But I never set foot in there again and neither did JJ.




My mum was making my lunch. Which meant she had know idea what I wanted on my sandwich for school. So I had to write it on her hand that I wanted marmite but I am in kindy so my spelling was a little wonky and I cant really say it. When she went shopping she bought me Vegemite🤢 ( which is disgusting) instead of marmite. I had a total fit and kept yelling I WANT MARMITE!!!! But my mum had no idea until my dad came in and said “no don’t get that” he, he likes marmite.


The Statue

On a dark and spooky night all the kids in the neighbourhood were running around in cheesy costumes asking for candy. except me. I don’t believe anything like that even though our neighbourhood is known for halloween. I live close to this creepy house around the corner and everyone calls it haunted but I needed proof. So I decided to investigate it and find out the true story. A man called Walter.B Brown used to live there and legend has it he was turned into a statue by Switchblade. When I walked into the house I found this horrifying statue and I screamed the whole way home and never entered there again.