The Mysterious Tower

A crusty, old looking tower sat at the top of a hill. It had old broken down bricks with mould all over them. But this tower had quite a story….


My great grandad told me a story about a tower that saved many peoples lives. “ Get to the ground!!” my grandad yelled ( he was really in the moment). They ran as fast as they could until they found a  tower that looked very sturdy he said. The enemies were right on there tails as they sprinted near them. “ We have to jump!” my grandad screeched. The people had no choice other than jumping so they did. That tower saved the lives of hundreds of people and will never be forgotten. “ The End” my grandad finally said

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Tower”

  1. Hi Caitlin –

    It’s always fun to read narratives with flashbacks. I enjoyed how you took us back to a time period where your grandfather was escaping enemy fire. Your description of the tower as crusty, old, and broken down certainly is accurate! 🙂 Well done!

    Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia, USA

    PS – Your pizza theme made me really hungry!

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